7 Terrifying Recent Horror Games You Must Play This Halloween

Turn the lights off and the volume up.

Transference 2018

Halloween is very nearly upon us, and if you're able to pull yourself away from Red Dead Redemption 2 for a day or two, you just might find yourself craving a horror game to get you in the seasonal mood.

2018 hasn't exactly been a banner year for the genre as of yet, especially after PSVR's The Inpatient turned out a horrendous dud and the gorgeous-but-dull Agony was a colossal disappointment.

However, if you're prepared to dig a little deeper beyond the AAA sphere, there are some deeply terrifying new games out there well worth your time. Whether card-carrying horror games, VR thrillers or unexpectedly scary exploration titles, each of them are sure to get the pulse racing on Halloween night above all else.

So, shut yourself in your room, turn off all the lights, put on some headphones and play long into the night this Halloween with one of these seven cult gaming classics in the making...

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