7 Terrifying Recent Horror Games You Must Play This Halloween

7. Subnautica

Subnautica 2018
Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Though this oceanic exploration game was marketed more as a mystery-adventure title, it's actually one of the most intensely unsettling games of the year (so far).

Subnautica perfectly encompasses the fact that we still know so little about exactly what resides in the Earth's watery depths (even though the game doesn't in fact take place on Earth), and how absolutely, terrifyingly isolating it would be to spend much time down there.

During your survival quest throughout the game, you'll find yourself traversing deep, dark underwater tunnels and facing off against grotesque alien creatures.

The fear of the unknown is strong, and if you need any further proof of just how unexpectedly terrifying Subnautica is, just check out this ridiculous montage of streamers practically soiling themselves.

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