7 Things You Need To Know About RetroMania Wrestling

Are Nintendo Switch owners finally getting the wrestling game they deserve?

RetroMania Wrestling

Wrestling fans who only own a Nintendo Switch have had a rough deal up until now. WWE 2K18 was an embarrassment to play, and it was clear that 2K rushed the thing out to capitalise on hungry gamers looking for their fix on a new console. Criminally low frame rates, skeletal, bland modes and shoddy graphics made it a total miss.

Now for the good news.

Retrosoft Studios are bringing an altogether more pleasing product to the Switch. Fans of old-school arcade brawlers will love the sound of this, because RetroMania Wrestling looks set to be a love letter aimed squarely at an older audience. It promises to be a button-mashing good time, which is certainly what the Switch needs post-2K18.

The game is set to launch in the first quarter of 2020, so expect some things to change and improve before then. For now, Retrosoft's grand reveal (coming via YouTuber RGT 85's channel) offers lots of enticing details about what can be expected of the game when it does come out next year.

Here's absolutely everything you need to know so far...

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