7 Things You Need To Know About RetroMania Wrestling

7. It's A Spiritual Successor To WWF WrestleFest

05 Wrestlefest Arcade

If you've never played Technōs' brilliant arcade hit WWF WrestleFest, then do that immediately after reading about RetroMania Wrestling. The new game is an unofficial follow up on that 1991 masterpiece, and it captures the exact same aura WrestleFest did when eager fans pumped coins into cabinets almost 30 years ago.

There's no Mike McGuirk as ring announcer, but hey, you can't have everything.

Unlike 2K's modern WWE titles, RetroMania favours a simplified, easy to pick-up-and-play control scheme that should have everyone throwing lariats, hitting piledrivers and generally doing everything the game has to offer without struggle. There will be more than 300 moves on offer too, so those looking for depth have it in spades.

It's confusing that WWE didn't jump on this retro craze before an outside company did. A remake of WrestleFest using today's roster would be fun and lucrative if it released for a modest price point. Too late, 'cause Retrosoft beat them to it.

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