7 Things You Need To Know About RetroMania Wrestling

6. There Will Be Some Gimmick Matches

Retrosoft Studios

In RGT 85's video, former ECW, WCW, TNA and WWE star Stevie Richards said that fans would be able to play one-on-one matches, tag-team bouts, six-man tags and the 'Retro Rumble. One thing he didn't touch on was that Steel Cage matches and possibly some other gimmicks will be included in the final product.

Images on the official website show both Animal and Hawk of The Road Warriors standing inside a cage waiting on their opponents. That suggests tag-team cage wars will be available, which is pretty exciting and reeks of Fire Pro goodness.

Don't expect to see modes like Hell In A Cell or Elimination Chamber though. Those are WWE gimmicks, and Retrosoft must be mindful not to tread on any toes that might land them in legal trouble. It'd be cool if they included ladders, tables, hardcore matches and other things like that, but it's still early days.

Cages are a nice start.

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