7 Things You Need To Know About Virtual Basement’s Mystery Wrestling Video Game

The WWE-beater brought to you by ROH, Impact, New Japan and more?

Virtual Basement

Is a new golden age of pro wrestling video games on the way?

Don't laugh: that's a serious question. The days of WWE 2K monopolising seem very much over, and new contenders from Yuke's, AEW (that might even be the best tag-team duo since The Revival) and others are on the horizon. Plus, nostalgic gems like Retrosoft's RetroMania Wrestling are about to launch this summer.

Oh yes, it's an interesting time to be a wrestling gamer, and Virtual Basement want to make your digitised wrasslin' dreams even sweeter. They're planning an (as yet unnamed) release at some point over the next 12 months, and it could be the first true alternative for those who are sick of 2K20's bullsh*t.

Details are admittedly scarce, but this article pulls together everything that is known about VB's crack at the wrestling market. There's also a bit of healthy rumour in there, because why not? It's fun to think that gamers who have been starved of variety for so long could finally have a choice again.

Look out, 2K. You might struggle to kick out of this one...


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