7 Times Video Game Fans Lost Their Minds At Stupid Things

Eyebrow-raising backlashes.

Horizon Aloy

Video Gamer Entitlement. It's a funny thing, really.

On the one hand, it's entirely understandable that the average gamer, who's just shelled out close to one hundred bones for the latest video game experience would have every right to complain if that title wasn't up to par.

After all, in the current climate with the cost of living increases it's actually a very real possibility that some are going without certain real-life comforts in order to save pennies for these digital ones. We are the consumer and, as the age-old adage tells us, we are always, always right.

Except that is when you look across some of the rallying cries made by pockets within the gaming community and can't help but see the wrong side of video gamer entitlement.

The toxic, backward thinking, hyper-stagnant mindsets that lash out at publishers, developers, and even other fans of the same franchise in order to say that this isn't what they wanted to see from their video game.

With the rise of social media sites and the constant hate whirlwinds that power them, a few disgruntled players can turn into an all-out backlash, and while some of these outbursts are rightly directed at facets of gaming that need to change, some are, for lack of better words, downright stupid.

7. Wind Waker's Graphics

Horizon Aloy

To say that Nintendo fans are a "passionate" bunch is kind of like saying that calling a dog that bit three kids in a row "Mr Chompy" probably is a bit insensitive, a rather large understatement.

Now if we're being honest, Nintendo did themselves no favors here because a short while before announcing Wind Waker, they had shown off a pre-rendered battle between Link and Ganondorf which was meant to show off the power of the Gamecube, and this led some fans to believe that what they were seeing was the next Zelda game playing out in front of them.

So when Nintendo turned around and gave us Wind Waker, message boards were sent into meltdown by fans saying this look was too childish and "for babies" (ironically while likely crying over their own keyboards and eating mushed-up apple sauce and peas for dinner).

I mean you can see how this is stupid right? I mean just look at the Wind Waker, look at it. How could you think this was a bad art style? It's so full of personality, so vibrant and so in keeping with the wistful adventure that Wind Waker tells.

Nintendo had the last laugh though, as it often does, when it came to the HD re-release of Wind Waker, where 100% thanks to its cel-shaded graphics was able to deliver an astoundingly beautiful title with far less work than would have been required had they gone down any other route and the game received positive praise out the bloody Tingle. The game always looked amazing, and you're kidding yourself if you thought otherwise.


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