7 Upcoming Video Games That Could Cause Major Controversies

Seven ways to anger the internet.


Whether it's accusations of inspiring violence (Doom), being a "sex simulator" (Mass Effect), or simply just rotting the brains of young people, gamers have to put up with quite a lot of controversies regarding their video games.

That's not to say that every controversy is unwarranted. Games like Hatred stirred up some fairly righteous controversy by allowing players to step into the shoes of a mass shooter.

Then again, anyone that's played the original Mass Effect will know that spending 20+ hours developing a genuine relationship with a character definitely does not make the game a "sex simulator," especially as the scene in question is less than a minute long and as non-explicit as basic cable television. Sometimes outrage is appropriate, other times it's ridiculous.

Hence why it isn't too difficult to look at an upcoming game and already begin to formulate what could rile people up. While some controversies are related to their content or story, others are related more to failed promises, such as the colossal disappointment that was No Man's Sky.

Everything on this list definitely has the potential to anger either a subsection of gamers or the news media.

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