7 Ups & 6 Downs From E3 2019

Nintendo win, and everyone else fell on their swords.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

After a brisk weekend of trailers, reveals and more paid-for cheering than you can shake a stick at, E3 is over for another year. Even before the dust has completely settled though, it's safe to say that it was a bit of a weird one. The writing was probably always on the wall, as Sony opted to sit out the event entirely, while publishers like EA reiterated that they were reeling back their usually-lavish conferences for something more low-key, but it was still surprising to see how pared back the expo was.

With the next generation of gaming now confirmed to be launching in late 2020, E3 2019 can't help but feel like something of a gap year in preparation for the future. Not only were a bunch of publishers and developers missing, but reveals were limited, and even the conferences themselves were shorter than usual.

Still, it wasn't all bad, and there are still plenty of games - both announced during the event and before it - to be excited for over the coming months, but it's worth digging into the weekend a bit deeper to understand what kind of legacy E3 2019 is leaving behind.


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