7 Video Game Boss Fights You Can Secretly AVOID

Deus Ex is still a masterpiece in game design.

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Ion Storm

For a medium ensconced in secrets, unlockables, rewards and progression loops, we tend to think of anything off the beaten path as being related to level layouts or challenge itself. Maybe you can bypass a particular set of enemies; find a corridor that avoids a gruelling series of jumps, emerging on the other side proud of surpassing a title's most annoying moments.

However, what about boss battles?

As a facet of game design, they exist to test every last lesson you've learned until that point.

Maybe they're connected to a narrative revelation or meaningful beat of pacing that kicks another act into full gear - or maybe they're designed in a way where sidestepping them is the real challenge.

Though it's very hard to do - in some cases requiring animation exploits and other outside-the-box tactics - there are ways to circumvent many of gaming's hardest bosses, if you know what to do.

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