7 Video Game Boss Fights You Can Secretly AVOID

6. Capra Demon & Gaping Dragon - Dark Souls

Dark Souls Seath the Scaleless first encounter
Bandai Namco

Dark Souls might be the most influential video game of the 2010s; a brilliantly bold action RPG with memorable bosses, art direction and music, but it's also been hacked to pieces by fans because of it.

With that in mind - and with the bosses here being one of the main draws to whether you can conquer what FromSoftware designed or not - there's a whole other skill level associated with boss-skipping itself.

As such, one popular exploit was showcased best at Games Done Quick 2020, where the player known as Regole parried a specific Hollow enemy while standing on a specific step on a staircase, triggering a total boundary break that let him wander through the game to various boss battles and beyond.

Another fun - and far easier - trick to deploy, involves deliberately heading through the Valley of the Drakes as early as possible, to skip the Capra Demon, Gaping Dragon and even the oversized rat boss.

There are a number of ways to do this involving everything from lowering the water in New Londo Ruins to bypassing later locked doors with the Master Key, but the point is: The Valley of the Drakes can let you go straight to Blighttown.

With the sewers and even their access point no longer needed, that's three bosses - one of which, the Capra Demon is notably hard without a height-based exploit anyway - taken care of.

Admittedly these optional paths can be a tougher way to go and you'll be more under-levelled, but hey, you're playing Dark Souls. NOW you don't want a challenge??

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