7 Video Game Character Redesigns That Directly Insulted The Fans

1. Dante - DmC: Devil May Cry

Devil may cry

The classic Dante from Devil May Cry, first snarkily quipping his way into the gaming industry in 2001, became one of the most popular characters in gaming. He kicked ass and had white hair, like Gandalf with more fashion sense.

New Dante’s design in the 2013 game DmC: Devil May Cry passes up on that style for a wannabe edgy, teenage angst look. Sure, Dante we all have our blunder years but this is kind of just... terrible. The major kick to the character’s (and the fanbase’s) balls comes when Dante views his own reflection with a white wig on his head. It was almost a cool nod to the original character’s design, before Dante rips the white wig off and says ‘'Not in a million years’'. Was it really worth taking a cheap shot at Dante’s character for an average joke?

To be fair a lot of the blame for Dante’s redesign is unjustly fired at developers Ninja Theory, but actually it was ordered by Capcom to ‘appeal to a younger demographic’. Dante’s real enemy isn’t Vergil, it’s damn boardroom meddling. And whatever you say Capcom, I actually liked Dante’s white hair.


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