7 Video Game Developer Reputations That Died This Generation

What the hell are Bethesda doing?!


This gaming generation has been one hell of a ride. And I don't mean in the thrill-seeking sense.

Instead I'm talking just as many peaks as troughs, with violent chicanes upending our expectations at the last second.

Yes, we're awash in handfuls of artistic highs past console cycles could only dream of. The likes of God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild are immaculate; real blood, sweat n' tear endeavours that realise a vision shared by only a select number of creatives.

But the downsides? They're almost too many to list.

For every one of these titles that now has a loyal following and positive word of mouth, is an Anthem, an NBA 2K20, a Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, a WWE 2K20 - titles that this far into the generation, should be on the form of their lives.

And yet, the embracement of post-launch patches, day one DLC, "play early" pre-order bonuses and everything in between has resulted in a consumer base that actively expects their day one offering to be terrible.

Playing at midnight? The servers will be overloaded. Looking forward to a story resolution? It's being held back for the Season Pass. Just want to enjoy the same gameplay from last time? A ton of bugs and glitches will get in the way until at least two weeks from now.

This stuff HAS to be fixed for the next generation, or god help an industry trying to spin any of this crap as remotely acceptable.

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