7 Video Game Endings That Were Utter NONSENSE

What Just Happened?

Tekken 5

As any good filmmaker knows, even if you've managed to capture the attention of the audience for an hour or two, if you can't stick that landing come to the closing act, then that's all people are going to be talking about.

You could have told a perfect tale of adventure and action, but if your character rocks up at the ending and says "stay liquid my fellow bro-barians, now I'm going to retire on the moon with my animated cat friend" then unless you're watching a Roger Rabbit sequel, this is likely to jar with the courtroom drama you've just watched prior.

Video games too often suffer from things ending on a brown note, and arguably it's even worse seeing as these are endings tens if not hundreds of hours in the making, yet sometimes video game endings come along that aren't necessarily bad but just downright weird, and close the adventure out with someone turning the tap on the "nonsense spout" and spraying everywhere.

So let's take a look at the ending oddities that are living in our minds rent-free, for better or worse.

7. A Music Video? - MDK

Tekken 5

MDK is one of those video games that sums up everything you need to know about it just from its title alone (which is an abbreviation of Murder, Death, Kill), a trio of terrors that you will be witnessing firsthand from start to finish in this utterly bizarre game.

One part third-person shooter, two parts fever dream, MDK sees you play as a reluctant janitor who is tasked with saving the world from giant, city-sized machines that are draining the world of its resources, however, if this sounds even remotely serious, fret not because everything is drenched in a sense of humor so thick and chewy that it's like the entire title has been dipped in nougat.

You've got a dog-human-Goro hybrid, a mad scientist for a best mate/possible enemy, and a final boss that kind of looks like what would happen if your dog chewed up King K. Rool and spat him back out. In fact, it's here in these closing moments where things really take a deep dive off the edge of sanity.

So let's set the scene, you've got this giant meat Zepplin known as Glut to take down, and you've just annihilated his waves and waves of puke hounds, so now, in a move that defies explanation, you end up feeding Glut your own dog pal and then watch as the dear old Max tears Glut apart from the inside!

It's comically gruesome, but trust me it's only getting started because what follows....is a music video by friend outfit Billy Ze Kick with their song "Non, Non-Rien n’a changé"

I'm sorry what? What the hell is this utter nonsense, how does this connect with MDK in the slightest? Oh, it doesn't? Ok....well....not gonna lie the song slaps pretty blood hard so maybe it's better off not trying to understand what's going on.


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