7 Video Game Heroes Who Made Better Villains

A true fall from grace...

Superman Injustice
Warner Bros.

Everyone loves a video game hero right?

No matter how big or small their quest for justice is, it's always fun to strap on the armor of righteousness and barrel out into the world looking to smash evil in its big ugly mug, especially if it comes with the subtext of "and also I'm in the right!", however, it turns out that there is another facet of video games that we as the paying public love even more and that's a good old video game villain.

After all sometimes our unfolding saga is only as good as the opposition we face, and the more conniving, mean, and sometimes hilarious that enemy is, the more invested we become in trying to take them down. Yet you know what? turns out that down the back of the sofa is another twist that can make this concept even better, and that's when a video game hero suffers a fall from grace and becomes an almighty video game villain.

We've seen, and in many cases played through their plight for the forces of Good, but now? here they are begging to be defeated as a true ally of Evil. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth.

7. Alex Mercer - Prototype 2

Superman Injustice

Oh Alex, you silly sausage. What are you like eh?

I get that you're technically from the "anti-hero" Argos catalogue rather than an out and out goodie-two-shoes, but you almost had the crowd won over thanks to your "I'm an !*$% but watch me take down a bigger !*$%" gimmick. We could have parted ways with you sitting in that lovely moral grey area in which some of the all-time greats exist, but no you had to try and one-up the masterpiece that ran rampant through the first game and give yourself over to the Blacklight virus.

From here it was all doom gloom and killing wives and kids, the latter of which drew considerable ire from both the community and the protagonist of the second game James Heller. Now to be fair to Mercer, he did actually have some reason for turning his back on humanity, mainly because everyone he'd met up until that point tried to stab him in it.

This gave rise to his villainous desire to rid the world of humankind and begin anew with his race of underlings, and in turn, actually gave him a purpose seeing as he was languishing a lot come the end of the first game without purpose. Now I'm not saying his choice of career path was a good one, but hell if he didn't seem a lot more committed to this villainous role.

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