7 Video Game Heroes Who Made Better Villains

6. Superman - Injustice + Suicide Squad

Superman Injustice

Now let it be known, I'm not in the camp of calling Superman a "boring" hero just because he's pretty much the definition of a straight-laced superhero, however, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to just how well equipped he is for any given situation.

There never really seems to be much to worry about even when Supes appears to be getting his ass handed to him as the Big Blue Boy Scout always has a power or special move up his sleeve to whip out just when he needs it, and in some instances like his races with the Flash or fights with Batman, things can get a bit insulting when it's revealed that he was taking it easy on the both of them or some other silly !*$%.

He's just too good sometimes, which makes it all the better when he goes out and out evil.

The Injustice video games paint the picture of a truly threatening Superman, a showcase of power that is utterly disgusting at times, and watching him murder former allies or destroy those who challenge him is pretty shocking. Yet that's what makes the likes of Homelander so compelling in The Boys, that you are looking at a being of such raw power that you can only hope you're not in his bad books.

That imbalance of power creates epic villains, so is it any wonder that gamers adore the idea of being able to beat seven bells out of Superman at any given opportunity? Here's hoping the new Suicide Squad game lives up to this tantalizing gimmick as well.

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