7 Video Game NPCs That NEED Their Own Game

Mass Effect: Garrus. Make it happen.

mass effect garrus

When it comes to video games, we're all well-versed in the concept of what makes a hero.

Be they the mythical "Chosen One", a proven Warrior Of Legend, or just some happenstance urchin who falls into the adventure of a lifetime, each usually shares the same qualities and characteristics. Yet let's not forget it's very rare for them to be alone in their quests, as it's through the panopticon of other protagonists, antagonists, and NPCs that we truly flesh out these narratives.

In fact, so many of these NPCs are so bloody memorable that one has to ask "why don't they get their own games?!" as this is surely money just left on the table! You've got a fanbase willing to explore more of the character, you've introduced them with a psudo-soft launch and it'd be able to deliver an experience different to your core gameplay. What more could you want?

Hell we'll even do these video game publishers a solid and pitch an idea for each of these NPCs just in case that somehow got the ball rolling (one can only hope!)

7. Owl - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

mass effect garrus

In a game so convoluted with its approach to storytelling, and including the ability to travel across time through the use of memories, Sekiro is a game that posits characters to the player with huge question marks above their heads. It's part of the allure to dissect and decode backstories and origins through item descriptions and snippets of overheard dialogue, and yet of all of the wonderful tales told there is definitely one that could use more fleshing out.

Owl's plot to obtain immortality might at first seem simple on paper (even if the means of going about it are rather obtuse) but there is a drive shown within this character that comes from a place of inferiority. His actions speak of a man not wishing to rule all because of greed, but to do so out of spite, to prove those who doubted him in the past. Through fragments, we learn that he trained Wolf alongside Lady Butterfly within a forest covered in mist, yet it's heavily implied that this was not his forest and more likely belonged to his family.

And just imagine the sort of warrior that birthed this man mountain.

A prequel game that detailed Owl learning of the Mortal Blades or how to obtain immortality set against the backdrop of his own parents overshadowing or resenting him could make for a deliciously angst-riddled plot, and his subsequent banding together and later betrayal of Lady Butterfly and Ishiin Ashina would add greater weight to their showdowns in Sekiro. Plus getting to see a young Wolf train alongside him could add that undertone of sadness that makes Owl's actions even more heinous.

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