7 Video Game Plot Twists That Were Disappointing

7. God Of War II - Zeus Is Kratos's Father

In God Of War II, Kratos is betrayed and killed by Zeus for some unknown reason and spends the rest of the game trying to turn back time so that he can take revenge on his killer. Ultimately, at the end of the game, Kratos beats Zeus and almost kills him before Athena intervenes and tells him that, wait for it, Zeus is his father. The revelation was disappointing because it added nothing to the game aside from a half-baked motive for Zeus to do what he did (which was retconned in God of War III anyway). Not only that, but turning Kratos into a demigod made his character look weak in the first game where he's about to die to mere mortals. Lazy writing at its finest. People who were disappointed in the Pandora's Box element in the third God Of War fail to realize what the purpose of the games was; to tell why the world we live in doesn't have Greek deities/monsters anymore. Even though I dislike the series a lot, I can understand things from that perspective. In our modern world, all the horrors present in Pandora's Box do exist, but at the very same time we do have hope. Turning it into anything else would've degraded the goal of the franchise.

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