7 Video Game Post Credits Scenes That Changed EVERYTHING

It seems the ending was actually just the beginning for these games.

mass effect 3 ending

There's nothing quite like kicking your feet up onto the table and relaxing with a big sigh after completing a video game is there? That sense of satisfaction that vibrates through your body, all tingly and warm, kind of like you've actually just slammed your foot down onto a fork that was left on the aforementioned table....


Joking aside, seeing a video game through from start to finish really is one of lifes last great pleasures, especially when the title has wrapped up all of its narrative beats and you can finally close the book and reflect on all the events you've helped shape.

However there's one thing even more powerful than an emotional tale of adventure, and that's sequel baiting shocks that will take everything you know, crumble it into dust and then blow said dust into your face. Whether they're setting up for a new installment, showing us the real fates of our beloved heroes, or just having a joke at your expense, these video games used their final moments to send us away with more questions than we now have answers.


7. Deleting Your Save - Nier: Automata -

mass effect 3 ending
Platinum Games

As we have stated many, MANY times, Nier Automata (potato patata) is a game that simply does not play by any of your so-called rules. From its barmy opening segment that forces players through several challenging sections while also switching gameplay styles as they progress, through to the insane moment where you take on the literal CEO's of Platinum Games and Square Enix in a secret boss fight, it's clear that you should expect the unexpected.

However, I don't think anyone could have seen or prepared themselves for the emotional gut-punch that was this game's end credits sequence. After besting the final boss and saying goodbye to our team of loveable androids, the credits begin to roll, and in typically off-the-wall fashion, the game turns this section into a bullet hell gambit that even Tohou would shudder at.

As you blast apart the names of those who lovingly made this game, you'll soon become overwhelmed by enemy fire, and likely die to the sheer onslaught of projectiles. However instead of exiting the experience, the game will ask if you would like assistance, and by selecting yes, you'll be supported by a tonne of AI fighters each helping you take down the developers.

And yet, even when the final name bursts into pixels, the scene isn't over, as it's here you're presented with a choice. It turns out that the AI bots that helped you were actually other players, who have chosen to sacrifice their own save data in order to help others reach the final moments of the game. It was their selflessness that allowed you to succeed, and now you are given the same choice, delete your save to help others, or keep hold of it to preserve your memories.

It's a tough choice, to say the least, and one that will make you look at Neir Automata in a brand new light whatever you decide.

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