7 Video Games That Fixed Massive Plot Holes

Plot holes patched.

Batman arkham origins

Despite taking sometimes years and years of work, plus amounts of money that could be measured in actual "shedloads", video games are hardly robust creations come the end of things.

By their own admission, devs of even triple-A video game franchises have commented that their games are usually held together with bits of twine and the collective will of everyone in the studio, and thanks to cuts, changes and alterations that happen across a titles gestation stage, these connecting fibres are often knotted and frayed all over the place.

Such that it's very common for video games to include more than a few unintentional plot holes; you might see characters straight-up disappear, suggested boss battled entirely absent or characters performing actions that make no sense whatsoever in order to advance the plot.

Whatever the case, for the most part, we just have to like it and swallow our lumpy game gravy, yet some games actually make a concerted effort to fix their own wounds with sutures in the form of patches, expansions and sequels explaining away the oddities.

7. Fallout 3's Entire Ending - Fallout 3 DLC

Batman arkham origins

Arguably one of the most frustrating moments in all of video game history has to be the scenario the player finds themselves in come the close of Fallout 3.

So at this point in time, you've guided your character from pathetic vault dweller all the way through to a warrior of the wasteland and were likely carting around enough bottle caps to beat someone to death with, alongside an armory of weird and wonderful weapons. Truly you were the greatest hero, or indeed the ultimate villain depending on your actions, and now it was time to see your story come to an end.

Except it was this last point that Bethesda took quite literally, as they effectively forced the player to sacrifice themselves for "The Greater Good" in the final mission, by having them step inside an irradiated cubicle in order to set off a plot-centric device. Now normally this would be all well and good, except for the fact that, I don't know...maybe I don't want to....or better yet, why not send one of my robotic or Super Mutant companions into the chamber in my place seeing as they are immune to radiation..

For some reason, your companions in this moment would suddenly present their Philosophy 101 degrees and spout off nonsense along the lines of it being your destiny. I tell you what Fawkes you might look like the jolly green giant but you're being nothing more than a piece of sweetcorn in a turd right now.

Thankfully in the games DLC (although not sure I should really thank a company for charging me money to fix a mistake that shouldn't be in there in the first place) you are able to convince your companions to take your place or find another sap to sacrifice themselves while you revel in the resulting glory.


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