7 Video Games That Let You Fight The Developers

Hidden boss battles against the most surprising enemies ever.

CEO boss battle
Square Enix

One of the first things students are taught when writing scripts for film or TV at university is that, as tempting as it might be, do NOT try and insert yourself into the main narrative.

A "Self Insert" or "Ego Massaging Power Trip" as it should really be known, is a truly potent way of alienating an audience who immediately see the project is less about telling a story and more about the author trying to flex what little weight they have in an effort to live out their private fantasies.

Still, when it comes to video games, this self-insert doesn't always come as part of the "look at me, LOOK AT MEEEEE!" package, as when done right it can become an iconic moment within the series. Better yet, some developers have taken it upon themselves to digitize their own form in an effort to let the player beat the absolute crap out of them.

In a strange move, being able to wail on the minds who gave us some of our favorite video games is both cathartic and endearing, as you have to respect a person who's willing to laugh at themselves and even eat defeat at the hands of their own fans.

7. Ultra Pride - The Binding Of Isaac

CEO boss battle
Edmund McMillen

They say that pride comes before a fall, and I think it's safe to say that we all fell pretty hard for The Binding Of Isaac when it dropped in 2011. It was clear that Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl were a creative team to be reckoned with as the title dripped with so much passion that it was making the carpet go all soggy.

Around the same time, the pair agreed to take part in a documentary called "Indie Game: The Movie" which detailed the trials and many, many tribulations the pair went through to get Super Meat Boy to market. And while it was clear the pair loved what they were doing, it was also abundant that their excessive work cycle and perfectionist attitudes were also becoming a detriment to their mental and physical wellbeing.

The pair have gone on record before to state that Pride was true "their sin", and that they would be unable to move on from issues that arose in development until they were solved, leading to delays and more late nights.

Therefore, as a sort of homage to their own pain, McMillen placed a mini-boss called "Ultra Pride" which is based on their own suffering. McMillen is the larger body and Florian is the floating wisp that battles with him.

It's almost like witnessing an exorcism take place when battling the pair, which can spawn randomly in place of the regular Pride mini-boss, as it's their worst qualities and fears given life for the player to do away with.

Further adding to battle, if you killed McMillen before Florian, there's a 50% chance it'll drop the Left-Hand item, a reference to the creator's left-handed writing preference.


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