7 Video Games Where Every Ending Is The BAD Ending

6. Dead Rising

Far cry 3

If there's ever a gaming franchise sure to give you tonal whiplash it's the one and only Dead Rising, which will have the player shooting a dildo cannon into the mouths of zombies one minute and then lamenting how "man is the real enemy" the next.

Seriously Capcom pick a lane already.

At least when it came to endings for the original game things were a long more coherent, and by that I mean they were all bleak as f**k. Kicking things off is the out-and-out worst ending, in which Carlito's bombs go off sending the virus into the atmosphere and infecting the entire world, making for a "clean up on aisle whoops" moment indeed. No better is the ending where you miss your flight out of the mall, nor when Frank gets captured by the special forces and is either executed or thrown to the infected.

Yet what does start to raise a few undead eyebrows is the fact that the two "best" endings, rank A and the overtime ending, are also extreme buzzkills, as in the A rank ending Ed the pilot dies thanks to a zombie stowaway and Frank is left without a ride or any remaining hope as a tonne of zombies are shown surrounding him. Pretty bleak right? I thought that "A" meant that we'd done well at something, however, this was more of an "Ey?...what's going on here then?"

Luckily the game then picks up in Overtime mode, but unluckily, this mode also ends with Frank breaking the story and exposing the truth about Willamette to the sound of no one caring at all and the public outcry fading after a few months and returning the status quo.

Nothing changes, nothing was done about it, and as Dead Rising 2 went on to prove, the only real change was a pharmaceutical company making bank off the supposed cure. Rough.

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