7 Vital Things Esports Need To Improve On

Millions of fans around the world - why isn't eSports MUCH bigger?

Overwatch tracer

ESports has blown up massively in the past few years, and is growing exponentially every day. From Starcraft 2, to League of Legends, Rocket League, to CS:GO, all of these games have had monumental competitive success. There have been players earning prizes in the range of over 1 million dollars in a variety of tournaments, and organisations supplying salaries comparable to professional footballers.

Even universities have eSports teams, and huge tournaments such as the League of Legends World Championships can be viewed in cinemas, so it's no wonder there are more and more titles trying to grab the eSports stage, making history within the gaming community and - sometimes - pop culture at large. Still, despite the ongoing discussion of accepting a plethora of titles into the olympics, eSports right now is far from perfect.

The success of one incredible game tends to produce controversy and friction within the competitive scene, and although eSports as an entity tends to improve across every new title and each new event, there is a lot of room for improvement.

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