7 Vital Things Esports Need To Improve On

7. Toxicity

League of Legends
Riot Games

Within these competitive games, toxicity is a massive issue. It’s unfortunate the anonymous style of online gaming comes with the internet being able to say literally whatever they want. However, in eSports, it’s an entirely different issue. Pro players do on the occasion let out some steam now and then, which is absolutely fine, but they need to act like role models for both younger players, and the overall community.

Compilations can be found of Call of Duty pro players yelling at each other in between rounds, and it is a disgrace to see the state of how the community is like. Dealing with this issue is improving a tiny bit, as with series like the regional League of Legends Championship Series, players and organisations are actually getting fined for toxic behaviour.

Outside of these games, you have an entirely different issue. Events being streamed to Twitch or Youtube have the unfortunate state of live chats, which is a very big deal.

Anything is said within these chats, and any tiny flaws players have are amplified and exaggerated to a ridiculous degree.

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