7 Ways Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Is Better Than Phantom Pain

6. You're Never Far From Danger With Enemies Everywhere

Given that you€™re on a self-contained island, there€™s no real chance of a quick escape. With Ground Zeroes it€™s not just a case of getting off one particular screen and crossing through a loading zone to escape anymore. You are likely to die in firefights if you aren€™t extremely careful about where you€™re going, who€™s patrolling there and whether or not you€™re bothering to hide the bodies you€™ve been tranquillising or stacking up post-headshot. This strange oxymoronic feeling of open claustrophobia means that when your thinking is clouded with adrenaline, you know there€™s no definite escape, no definite place to hide. At some point you€™ll have to confront your pursuers and risk death in the process. Yes, the tranquilliser gun makes it easier to sneak around and enjoy the silence, and yes, the time-slowing focus/reaction attack Boss has allows for an easy get-out, but when the poop hits the fan, soldiers surround you and take you down rapidly €“ especially on harder difficulty settings. Where The Phantom Pain didn€™t do so well here was in having open levels with bases punctuating the landscape. The wide valleys and plains allowed you simply to run off into a convenient sandstorm or dart up a mountainside on horseback to hide behind a rather large outcropping of rocks and wait it out.

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