7 WB Games Rocksteady Could Make Next (Since It's Not Harry Potter)

5. Superman

Wonder Woman Rocksteady
Warner Bros.

Having the entire League at your thumbsticks might prove too ambitious a project, so maybe we'll to the underpants-on-the-outside-of-his-trousers-wearing hero, Clark Kent.

The game could follow a similar path to the Arkham, with fully fledged flight replacing guiding and powers like laser vision replacing gadgets. With a convenient explanation as to why Superman doesn't just crush his enemies to a pulp in a single hit, and the combat could be as free flowing as Batman's combo stacking beat-'em-ups.

With as large a collection of villains as Batman, in Joker and Lex they both share an instantly recognisable (Jesse Eisenberg aside) antagonist. The groundwork for a great Superman game seems to be ready and waiting.

Those clamouring to have the Justice League feature could still have their wish fulfilled too. In what would be risky departure from their tried and tested formula, could be selectable squadmates. If Superman is the Commander Shepard, Wonder Woman and The Flash could be the Miranda and Garrus.

Just please, whatever happens, no floating green rings to awkwardly jiggle through. Someone has to make a good game for Supes someday, right?


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