7 Worrying Signs That WWE 2K20 Will Be A Carbon Copy Of 2K19

Don't be surprised if 2K20 is just 2K19 with a fake moustache and a pair of oversized glasses.

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We're all used to the curse of the annual video game sports title. You pick up your shiny new copy of this year's iteration of FIFA, Madden or NBA, just to find that it's practically exactly the same as last year bar a few new features and tweaks.

However, 2K's run at the WWE games has always felt vastly more disappointing than that. While the aforementioned annual sports games implement the newest teams and players as well as bring at least one big fan demanded feature to the forefront, the WWE games often deliver an already outdated experience that is burdened with the same issues and restrictions year in and year out.

They definitely have their bright spots, don't get me wrong, but there's a lot of features 2K need to bring to the game if they want to justify fans forking out full price for a new release. With WWE 2K20 almost here, it looks like the game is, unfortunately, shaping up to be a carbon copy of last year's title.

From a lack of gameplay footage to massive omissions from the game's roster, here are seven reasons you might want to keep hold of your copy of 2K19 for a little while longer.

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