7 WWE Video Games WORSE Than 2K20

Graphical downgrades and glitches galore? Believe me, it's been worse.

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It's fair to say that WWE 2K20 released to a less-than-favourable reception.

Like all games rushed out to meet a yearly release date, it was almost a direct copy of the previous but with graphics and character models looking worse than entries in the series five years ago, it offered a frankly laughable MyCareer campaign when compared to the excellent storyline from 2K19, and alienated its existing fanbase with confusing control changes.

Most infamous of all were the glitches present at release, from numerous graphical bugs on par with Assassin's Creed Unity, to the infamous 2K20 bug where the game temporarily stopped working after clicking over the year 2020. And yet, we can still highlight a lot of positives: the creation suite is still as vast as ever (glitches aside), the Four Horsewomen showcase is great, finally offering a female-led storyline, and the roster remains as impressive as ever with welcome surprises like Chyna and The Fiend

It's due to these positives that WWE 2K20 isn't the absolute worst game in the wrestling promotion's historic library, as the following seven games are about to prove. These games are restricted to the wrestling aspect (so Crush Hour gets a free pass).


It may have been bad to the point of cancellation this year, but it's been so much worse.

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