8 "Blink And You'll Miss It" Video Game Secrets

What screen-grabs were made for.

Dante Secret

As we all know all too well by now, video games are true labours of love.

Even with the most reviled titles on the market, at some point in time, a creator sat down and tried their best to hammer out a story that meant something to them.

As such, with all this time and effort going into the project, of course, you're going to end up analyzing the same scenes, characters, and moments over and over again, leading some developers to sneak in easter eggs and secrets along the way.

In fact some games hide this extra goodness so well that you'll need to be quick on the pause button if you're to even catch them. From hidden text giving out clues on the wider narrative at large, to freeze frame images sure to leave you chuckling, some video games offer up Easter Eggs so quickly that you'll be replaying sections over and over to make sure you're not just making it up in your own mind!

So let's take a look at some of the best today, as these are 8 "Blink And You'll Miss It" Video Game Secrets!

8. Character Info Cards - Lollipop Chainsaw

Dante Secret
Grasshopper Manufacture

To say that Lolipop Chainsaw is over the top is like saying that Everest is a bit of a walk, a monstrous understatement.

Even for Suda51, this game is over-the-top, showcasing a kaleidoscope of gore, cheerleaders, foul language, and rainbows and yet, because of the sheer confidence with which it approaches things, pulls it off spectacularly.

It's also a title chock full of brilliant moments that might pass you by without notice. Take for example the character bios that appear on screen for a mere couple of seconds each time a new face takes centre stage.

These bios detail numerous humorous things such as their favourite food and hobbies, but each also has a special section sure to leave you in stitches assuming you can read it all.

My personal favourites include learning that Josey The Funk Zombie's influences include piles of cocaine, or that Junji, Juliet's teacher, enjoys collecting women's underwear. It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, and you only get one chance to consume all these bizarre bits of trivia before the action kicks off again.


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