8 "Simple" Video Game Features That Took YEARS To Perfect

8. Web Swinging - Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Raft

Spider-Man games are nothing without a good central swinging mechanic that ties everything together, but after decades of attempts, a lot of which absolutely nailed it, you'd think it wouldn't be all that hard. Just don't say that around Insomniac employees, who took three years to please fans with their take on it in their latest Spidey outing.

In fact, the team knew exactly how important swinging would be to players, and it was the very first thing they started work on - and hit plenty of speed bumps along the way. First up was making it satisfying to get around corners without losing momentum, as the physics-based system they initially implemented resulted in testers hitting buildings and losing the fluidity of the web head's movement.

That was scrapped, and a new system was devised that ended up making it into the final product, which prioritised movement, momentum and chaining moves together while still being weighty and tactile. However, when this debuted, fans complained it looked too slow, which led to the team further tweaking the system again to be faster without losing the fluidity they'd previously accomplished.

Finally, after three years, the team were finally happy, and just in time for release.


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