8 Amazing Secret Video Game Items Unlocked Through Companion Quests

7. Super Powered Perks - Fallout: New Vegas

Saints row 4

The Mojave can be a deadly place at the best of times, and there what you need is a companion that not only has your back, but can break those of your enemies.

Luckily, New Vegas has some of the most charming and wonderfully realized companions going, from Brotherhood Acolytes who put Captain Falcon to shame with their epic punches, to ghoul mechanics looking for one last adventure before the sun sets.

Everywhere you look is another beautiful face with an even more sumptuous storyline.

Plus the fact that each of them comes with special perks makes it all the better! In fact, in some instances, you can buff these perks even further with other choices you make. Take for example, Veronica, who's the definition of a fist bump will leave you in a body cast.

Completing her companion quest ups her physical damage by 30% and when you remember she's got a ruddy power fist on her, that's a big hitter! If this isn't enough, however, complete the Dead Money DLC and take Father Elijah's final words to her, as this will unlock a 150% speed boost to her attacks as well as a knockdown effect!

Yeah, you can see how both of these combined would make her the most deadly thing in the Mojave right?

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