8 Anticipated Video Games You Can FINALLY Play In 2019

... Hopefully.

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Whilst 2018 set a new high standard for releases, its calendar was meant to be even more chock-full with titles than it what we got. It's a sad fact of modern gaming that, as titles get more and more ambitious, the development cycle ends up being longer to compensate for their increased scope.

However, that doesn't necessarily stop us from being disappointed by the seemingly unending amount of setbacks and delays that some of the most wanted sequels, remakes and new IPs have seen. Sometimes games we've wanted for a long time sink into development hell without news or updates, whilst others have teams dissolved or sent to work on other projects.

With a lot of older franchises being revived by crowdfunding opportunities, or developers striking out with their own studios to make new titles, projected release dates simply aren't always achievable. With any luck though, here are just a few titles we should finally get to play in 2019.

8. Psychonauts 2

Industry legend Tim Schafer and his studio Double Fine had apparently always wanted to make a sequel to cult classic action platformer Psychonauts, but the financial pressure of development stalled this for a long time. Flash forward to the successful Fig crowdfunding and investment push in 2016, and we finally got the news of Psychonauts 2.

Following on from the story of VR-exclusive title Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, Psychonauts 2 will return to the game's third-person platforming roots.

With protagonist Raz now a member of the mind-infiltrating Psychonauts, we've got high hopes for even more psychokinetic powers to play with, and even more outlandish mental worlds to explore as Raz investigates how the agency he admires so much might not be all it is cracked up to be. Given we only got a continuation to the original's story thank to the slightly off-the-wall VR experience, a full narrative is long overdue.

Having been a sequel so long in the making, in a franchise that deserves all the success and more after its initial slow start, it's about time that Double Fine got the chance to wow with a followup.


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