8 Awesome Video Game Plot Twists NOBODY Talks About

Some of the most memorable stories in games are the ones containing jaw dropping plot twists.

The Witcher
CD Projekt RED

Throughout the past few console generations, video games have evolved in a wide range of different fields, including story-telling.

Nowadays, not only has narrative received more of a focus, but the quality of the stories being told has improved as well thanks to the addition of far more complex characters and plots with twists and turns players never see coming.

Some of the best twists in gaming can flip a narritive on its head and can cause gamers to rethink everything they have experienced up to that point.

From Shadow of the Colossus to Bioshock to Braid, gaming has seen its fair share of jaw-dropping plot twists through its history. While the games previously mentioned are well known to the gaming community, there are several that have managed to fly under the radar and deserve some attention as well.


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