8 Biggest Flaws In Red Dead Redemption 2

Game of the year? Probably, but was that HUGE epilogue really necessary?


Although everybody knows Rockstar for being one of the biggest pioneers in the video game industry, there was a lot of apprehension surrounding whether Red Dead Redemption 2 could better its predecessor. Sceptics were critical of it being a prequel, while fans were gutted about having to play as a rugged blonde newcomer instead of their favourite scarred gunslinger.

However, not only did it surprise worried devotees by improving on its forerunner in every way, it also outclassed all the competition to become the immediate favourite contender for game of the year. Its story is one of the best the industry has ever seen, Arthur Morgan is an unforgettable protagonist who even eclipses John Marston, and the landscape is a magnificent achievement that has set the bar for the genre going forward.

While the long-anticipated epic is a bona-fide masterpiece though, there are still issues which stop the experience from being perfect. Although there’s never going to be a flawless work of creative genius, most of the issues in Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been avoided through abiding by a less-is-more philosophy, and fixing hinderances that have plagued Rockstar titles for more than a decade.


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