8 Biggest Flaws In Red Dead Redemption 2

8. Bizarre Design Choices Make For An Inconsistent Experience


The most echoed complaint about Red Dead Redemption 2 is its deliberately slow approach and obsession with realism. Critics have lambasted Rockstar for needlessly including too many animations, and for crafting a depressing life simulator that ignores the golden rule about video games needing to be fun.

However, the real issue isn’t with the developers being too extreme in their attempts to immerse you, it’s that there are a number of bizarre design choices which conflict with the game’s tone and approach. The biggest of which is that gunsmiths jeopardise their business by refusing to sell weapons you haven’t already picked up from deceased husbands whose faces you have spoiled with bullets.

It’s nonsensical that you can’t buy or rob any gun in the game at your leisure, and it also doesn’t make sense why being underweight rewards you with more stamina rather than less. No matter if you've stuffed your face with cookies or only feasted on your steed’s carrots, your stamina should always be low and quickly deplete.

In addition, the game’s log leaves a lot to be desired, and the ‘cinematic’ black bars are an irremovable intrusion that constantly break immersion by reminding you it’s all a video game.


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