8 Brilliant Video Games Made Impossible By Terrible Mechanics

7. Vampyr - Impossible Dialogue Choices

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We've all been in that situation where we've said the wrong thing at the wrong time, resulting in either utter humiliation or people completely calling us out for our mistakes. However very rarely does it end so badly that you can't come back from the brink and make things right again, which is clearly a lesson that Vampyr wasn't clued in on, as here, if you mess up some of the dialogue choices, well my friend, you're boned.

While receiving middling to lukewarm reviews from critics, the player base for this game has been very vocal about its positives, namely its rich world-building and granular choice and dialogue systems, and in all honesty, I too cannot fault the game for these mechanics.

What I can sink my fangs into is the fact that they can end up being absolute !*$%.

For example, Vampyr runs off a system whereby if you make the right dialogue choices, certain NPC's open up to you and divulge more information, get it wrong however and you'll end up talking to a wall as they completely clam up and refuse to converse further.

The issue is that the game makes no mention of how to distinguish what is right and wrong in these moments, leading to moments where the player makes sections nigh on impossible as key intel is lost forever or clues for items and upgrades are gated off entirely. The irony of a game so focused on talking to do this was not lost on the fanbase.

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