8 Brilliant Ways Video Games Punished Out-Of-Bounds Players

7. Tricks For Tricksters - Beyond Good & Evil

gta 5 Shark attack

Sometimes it's possible to go beyond what the developer defines as a boundary in games through tricks, hacks and being a wee little stinker, and doing so usually opens up a whole world of half finished textures, level skip exploits and hilarious bugs that the makers of the game never wanted you to see.

When it came to discouraging players from venturing off into the unknown in Beyond Good And Evil, the devs thought they'd come up with a pretty failsafe solution which comes in the form of warning the player they are going out of bounds, then firing some non damaging shots at them which forces them back into the game world.

Smart right? Well not as smart as some devious players, who decided to use tricks and hacks to bypass these shots and push further and futher into the game world, and I bet they felt pretty good about their gambit likely laughing to themselves as they sailed onward.

However it turned out that the devs had put in a failsafe to their deterrants, because after a while of sailing, the screen will suddenly turn black and the player will be teleported to the other side of the map emerging in a confused manner like they lost their way. A trick for the trickters, what a briliant and beautifully simple ploy.

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