8 Brilliant Ways Video Games Punished Out-Of-Bounds Players

6. Magical Prison Barrier - Gothic

gta 5 Shark attack

I've always got a soft spot for video games that don't try and hide their boundaries, but intsead use what could otherwise be seen as a limitation as a world building plot mechanic.

Case in point in the original Gothic, the player is presented with a huge magical barrier that spreads over the land as far as the eye can see. This barrier has been put in place to keep those within, who are forced to work in a mining colony, under control. As you can imagine, seeing this monstrous barrier hanging overhead is as grim a reminder of your own fate as the Grinning Moon from Majora's Mask was.

Althrough I'm grateful we didn't have to look at the barriers wonky dental work in such detail personally.

However just because we can see the barrier, doesn't mean we actually know what it does, and so many players likely sought to test the strength of their confinement in different ways. Shooting and attacking it does nothing, nor does any magic that we can sling at it, so why not go up and touch i-


Ow. Ok....lesson learned.

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