8 Broken Video Game Weapons EVERYONE Exploited

More bang for your buck than you could ever need.

Explosive Minigun

I think it's safe to say that sometimes a video game protagonist is only as good as their weapon. You might be all talk about how the great evil of the land should fear your very shadow, but if your blade is about as blunt as your parents telling you it's your fault they're getting divorced, then you're probably not going to be able to inflict that much hurt.

Well, these weapons, they aren't dull by any means, in fact, they're so devastating and utterly razor-sharp, that they've ripped apart the very seems of the gameplay itself, leaving massive exploitable holes for players to use these new toys and absolute punish anything with a heartbeat that crosses their paths.

For a stretch, each of these foe fellers ruled the roost as not only being the most powerful of punishers, but also ran rampant in online modes which almost threatened to tear the title apart.

Many have been nerfed into oblivion and with good reason, but for a long old time, if you saw someone wielding one of these, it'd be a good time to make peace with your creator.


Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming's Youtube channel - watch here!

8. Metal Blade - Mega Man

Explosive Minigun

The Robot Masters. What an iconic bunch... of absolute idiots who didn't think to band together as one group in order to counter the fact that extreme specialization does not always make for a perfect defensive strategy.

You have to feel sorry for Metal Man from Mega Man 2 because this lad not only got his robotics reassembled by the Blue Bomber, but also because his weapon The Metal Blade, then went on to be used to decimate his friends in short order. This powerup was absolutely broken, slicing through the other Masters in embarrassing fashion, so of course, the public exploited this massive imbalance to the fullest.

Goodbye Bubble Man, Flash Man, and Wood Man, you might as well be called Paper Man, Soft Bones Man, and Hemophilia Lad.

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