8 Creators Who HATED Their Own Video Games

Developers who saw their dream projects turn to ash through the fires of hatred.

Doom Sega Satrun
id Software

It's no secret that video games, whether you see them as pieces of art or mere tokens of entertainment, mean a lot to those that make them. After all, some titles, even the smallest ones, take years to produce, and as a result, see programmers' hearts and souls being poured into these vessels for our entertainment.

This is assuming that the title in question wasn't just shat out in an afternoon as a cheap asset flip of course.

Still, as one might expect from all this dedication and time, some developers get very defensive when it comes to critiques of their games, and we've seen numerous examples of piss being put on the boil when critics and fans take a swipe at certain titles. However much rarer are the devs that actively step out of the way and let these mobs of critical venom kick the crap out of their project as they simply sigh and shrug out a "you know what, I hate it too."

From publisher meddling, conflicting personal issues, and plain old disillusionment with the industry itself, all these developers turned their backs on these projects, with some even chucking in a swift boot of their own for good measure.

8. Dong Nguyen - Flappy Bird

Doom Sega Satrun
GEARS Studios

Remember that scene in Star Wars when Alderaan gets destroyed and Old Man Kenobi says "Ah bums, I just got a splitting headache from all them lot yelling out and being sad, like", well that was pretty much what happened when Flappy Bird hit mobile phone storefronts way back in 2013.

The game was making money hand over fist, but it was equally amassing a huge amount of ire from online communities, who became enraged that such a simple game was so bloody hard. Clearly, they'd never played that chopper runner game that was all the rage when I was at school, because that was akin to a war crime when it came to punishing brutality.

Yet I digress. Dong Nguyen, the creator of this slice of gaming sadism soon became inundated with complaints, personal harassment, and even death threats over Flappy Bird, and so, despite its rampant success, pulled the game from sale and retreated from the public eye. To hate your game because of failure is one thing, but to end up killing it entirely because of its popularity is something else.

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