8 Dumbest Things We Did To Unlock Video Game DLC

Pay to change your character's hair, then pay to change it back.

Dead or alive 6
Koei Tecmo

Downloadable content has always gotten a bad rap. After you spent your hard-earned cash on a game, you're expected to fork over more, to get your hands on non-compulsory content.

Now, you obviously don't have to buy the DLC. But when the best weapons and playable characters are stuck behind a paywall, it's hard not to get tempted. When an expansion contains levels tied directly to the main campaign, you feel like you're getting an incomplete experience unless you pay extra.

Even though paying for DLC can be annoying, the act itself is pretty simple. After clicking on the content you want and typing in your bank details, you'll get all the juicy bonuses within seconds.

But accessing the additional material isn't always easy. Even when the DLC is free, it's not worth it, if the means to unlock it is exhausting. Downloading apps and setting up online accounts to use DLC can be so stressful, you would've preferred paying for it the old fashioned way.

But even if payment is an option, that doesn't necessarily make it easier. Some expansions are so confusing, you're not even sure what you're buying!! If you were thinking about purchasing any of these DLCs, think again.

8. Link With Mortal Kombat Mobile - Mortal Kombat 11

Dead or alive 6

Almost every unlockable in Mortal Kombat 11 can be attained for the right price.

If you can't be bothered to grind religiously to obtain secret costumes, you can pay for them. If you want to play as The Terminator, Rambo, or the Joker, you better get your wallet ready. If you want to fight as Christopher Lambert's version of Raiden from the live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat, you're gonna have to part with a few dollarydoos.

But there's one DLC you can unlock without spending a dime. For this hidden feature, you need to download Mortal Kombat Mobile.

You then have to complete the tutorial, create a personal file, go to Settings, and tap "Console Link" to activate a code. After that, you opened MK11's Options menu, and select "Link to Mobile" to enter the code. Once that's all done, you can claim your prize.

What do you get? The Kronika Announcer Voice. Once selected, MK11's overarching villain will make all the announcements in the game.

This was... dumb, not just because of the convoluted means to unlock it but, well, everyone hates Kronika.

Also, why go through all this rigmarole, when you can choose Johnny Cage as the Announcer for free? Cage's announcements are way more entertaining, since he refers to the kombatants by names like "Stock Villain," "Future Ex-Wife," and "and Kicki Longstockings".


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