8 Dumbest Things We Did To Unlock Video Game DLC

7. Pre-Order For The Tiniest DLC - Tomb Raider (2013)

Dead or alive 6
Square Enix

One cheap tactic to incentivise gamers to purchase DLC is to make it a pre-order bonus. If you don't buy the game before the release date, you can't access the extra content. This is a cheap tactic, since there are plenty of people who won't buy a game until they see if it's any good.

But when you know you're going to miss out on a game's content unless you pre-order, some consumers can't help making the purchase pre-emptively. This technique is extra unfair when the DLC is totally not worth it.

Sadly, those who pre-ordered 2013's Tomb Raider learned this the hard way, after playing the additional mission, Tomb of the Lost Adventurer. After about five minutes, the player will complete the first section and prepare to move onto the next level.

Only then does it dawn on the player that they just completed the entire DLC! Look, nobody expected Tomb of the Lost Adventurer to be as long as the main campaign, but come on, guys! Could you not stretch it out for at least an hour?

Anyone who had the misfortune to pre-order Tomb Raider just to acquire this minuscule add-on felt scammed, and rightfully so.


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