8 Emotional Video Game Deaths (We Couldn't Help Laughing At)

7. Sonic (Sonic '06)

Heavy Rain Jason

Now we can argue until we're blue in the spikes about just how emotional the death and then resurrection of a six foot tall anthropomorphic hedgehog with a penchant for corn dogs and gold rings is, given the wider context of Sonic making his passing utterly ludicrous, but it was at least the intention.

Towards the end of the still-derided '06 instalment of Sonic The Hedgehog, players were hit with a genuinely surprising twist: their beloved hero was brown bread. Killed by the title's villain, everyone gathers around to mourn Sonic and his massive shoes.

This, on the face of it, isn't too bad. It's melodramatic, sure, but not too shocking. Then, though, the (very human, remember that for later) princess claims to have felt Sonic's presence floating like a turd in the wind, and the surviving gang sets out to find the chaos emeralds.

They do, and in the weirdest resurrection scene, the (again, very human) princess begs for Sonic to come back, kisses his dead body, light shines from their mouths and Sonic jolts back to life, now transformed into a super saiyan.


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