8 Emotional Video Game Deaths (We Couldn't Help Laughing At)

6. Jason (Heavy Rain)

Heavy Rain Jason
Quantic Dream

It takes a special breed of creative insanity to direct a child's death scene in a way that's funnier than it is tragic.

In the prologue of David Cage's much-anticipated PS3 thriller Heavy Rain - a game which promised to re-write how we considered interactive narratives - architect Ethan's perfect middle-class life crashes down following a fateful day at the mall.

With his mind wandering, probably in the direction of a Bon Iver 'masterpiece' or an avant-garde fusion tea concoction, the world's worst dad loses track of his ten year old son Jason. Despite stalking the trail of a telltale red balloon (keep in mind he's supposed to be ten, not five), and shouting 'JAA-SOON!' repeatedly, in a range of entertainingly melodic ways, Ethan can't locate his lost boy.

Sides are already splitting by this point, as players are encouraged to tap the "Jason" button and wander around the mall in a panic.

Somehow it only gets worse in the next cutscene, where Ethan spots his son across the road. In the most over-edited scene in gaming, Jason is splattered by a car despite his dad's best Matrix-esque attempts, while everyone continues to repeat his name over and over again.


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