8 Exact Moments Video Games Ruined Friendships

You are OFF the Xmas card list.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Everyone knows that when it comes to gaming, and indeed a multitude of other tasks, having someone go through the experience with you will make the job at hand far easier and most likely, a tonne more fun.

Even the most mediocre of video game titles can be elevated with another couch potato baking in the irradiating glow of your tv, as it's often the experiences, comments, and hilarious failures born of the situation that become the title's most memorable moments.

For example, I could not tell you a single moment of Dead Island's plot, nor any of the major characters you meet, despite having played through that game from start to finish with my friends, but what I DO remember is kicking zombies into pools, throwing beach balls at each other and entering a perpetual state of moaning once that awful sewer section was introduced.

Those experiences made my time with that bang average game fun! However, the blade of friendship that cuts through bad vibes like it was butter is one that is double-edged and sometimes you'll end up slicing through the good times like a fart at a funeral and leave you either wishing you'd never invited your friends over, or feel like a total jerk for betraying them so brutally.

8. Using The Prod -

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
Team 17

"Don't You Bloody Dare"

This my friends, is the cry of the "Nerdus Patheticus" or as it's also known the common garden variety gamer who's found themselves in a rather horrific situation within the Worms franchise. Now, this is a series well known for its hilarious and over-the-top multiplayer fun, and its arsenal of weaponry is so full to the brim with insanity that it's likely you'll try and use them all in just a single play session with your mates.

However, there is one "weapon" that should never be used in the game at all, for it carries with it a hidden debuff, that of real-life friendship destruction.

I'm speaking of course about the humble "Prod" a move that will do no damage to your opponent but will push them from where they're standing, and should that happen to be on a cliff over a pile of mines or worse straight out to open and insta-killing water, well it's going to cause a lot of arguments let me tell yah.

As you inch towards your victim you might not hear their cries to stop as the blood rushes to your ears in evil euphoria, which may then also rush to your face as your friend attempts to strangle you for pushing their worm "Armed And Dong-gerous" off into the ether.

It's a dick move through and through.


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