8 Exact Moments Video Games Ruined Friendships

7. When Someone Becomes "Ramsay" - Overcooked Franchise

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Well well well. It looks like we're having a double dollop of Team 17 goodness here, as following up the Flambé'd butt that Worms allowed you to make your friends eat, we now have the main course, a sirloin steak with Deez Nutz sauce. Hope you're hungry!

Cooking is quite literally half the name of the game with Overcooked, with the former section being a reference to your friendships come the end of a single play session, because trust me if your communication and teamwork isn't up to cast iron standards they will most definitely be "over".

Now as we all know the kitchen is a hot, sweaty and according to reports, a cocaine-fuelled place to work, and as such temperatures run hot at the drop of a hat, and that essence is encapsulated perfectly in Overcooked, as here you'll be swearing like a sailor at your mates in no time flat.

Yet the only thing worse than being told to shove an unmentionable up an orifice you didn't even know existed, is when someone takes the reigns and becomes "Head Chef". In these moments you now have one person barking out orders, critiquing your skills and making you feel like you let them down rather than the team overall. Hell, in this instance you're not even been paid a pot washer salary for the privilege so tell your mates to '86 that attitude or encourage them to hire a poison tester the next time you do the cooking.


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