8 EXACT Moments We Gave Up On 100% Video Game Completion

One percent away from greatness.


For some, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing that final video game percentage point tick over into full, unadulterated, glorious 100% completion.

It's the moment in which the meta-game between the player and the title itself is finally and definitively over.

You've seen everything, you've done everything, you've beaten every secret boss and found every single last scrap of collectible tokens, and by gum does it feel good, right? Some gamers even pride themselves on only seeing titles through to this maximum completion moment because the rush of bragging rights is a truly compelling draw.

However, as you've likely surmised by the title of this article, there are some video games that don't like to play fair when it comes to handing out the final completion trophy and throw up horrendous roadblocks that will stop even the most diehard players in their tracks dead.

And to be clear, some of these games didn't even reward you for the insane challenges they presented, but as any 100 percent purist knows, you can't call it quits until you've done everything, so had to endure utter hell.

8. Cucco Ranch Craziness - Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


For the most part, the wondrous Link Between Worlds for the 3DS is an utter joy to play. From its tighter than Scrooge McDuck's spending style controls, to its gimmick of being able to turn yourself into a painting and slide along walls and scenery, there's rarely a moment of frustration.

That being said, when it does hit those peak levels of grind, ohh baby does it go in hard. On the surface, the Cucco Ranch minigame in which you must avoid being touched by both large and small Cuccos seems like a pleasant and fun distraction, but underneath this beast is a monster that will make you lose all your clucks.

This is because while the rewards for the mini-game are listed as rupees and a Heart Container, there's actually a super-secret reward for surviving for 999 seconds in the game's Endless mode.

And let me make this clear, this mode is no joke at all, hammering the player with objects to avoid, so much so that you're going to need to enter a zen-like state of precognition to stand a chance.

Your reward, while not adding to the percentage completion of the game is a Large Cucco that sits outside the Ranch and refills your health whenever you speak to it. It's totally not worth the effort, but for completionists, they can't call this game bested unless they've unlocked this beast.

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