8 EXACT Moments We Gave Up On 100% Video Game Completion

7. Figment Fury - Psychonauts 1

Double Fine

While Psychonauts 2 might be setting the world on fire, both with its pyrokinesis and its sheer brilliance, much like the game's central gimmick, a few gamers carry with them some emotional baggage in need of sorting.

In a moment that brought memories flooding back like war flashbacks, on one level late in the game, I found myself curing my baldness only to tear my hair out again when it came to trying to find three blasted figments that had blended into the background.

Figments, for those who are yet to join the Psychonauts intern program, are 2d neon objects that must be collected if you want to complete an area 100%, and while in the second game went to great lengths to make these as obvious as possible, the first game almost sent me into a mental black hole.

On some levels, thanks to color palettes that themselves were over the top, it was next to impossible to spot each and every one of the figments, and without a guide pointing you to each and everyone became a chore most players burned out on.

It's a shame because in actuality this is probably the only weakness of the original game, but man did it put completionists in a bad mood.

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