8 Exact Moments You Knew You'd Bought The Wrong Game

6. Finding There Were No Other Players - Order & Chaos Online

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The short-lived Ouya console had a host of promising games on it, including a range of MMORPGs. Unfortunately, because of the relatively small number of people who owned and actively played on their Ouya devices, one of the biggest problems with online multiplayer games was that there just wasn’t the population to sustain them.

One such game is Order & Chaos, a fantasy MMORPG. Those who bought into it expected a fun, polished but predictable experience - backed by their faith in its publisher, Gameloft (the famed publishers of such beautiful games as Earthworm Jim and Shrek Forever After).

Sadly though, the expected charm of the game’s universe never materialised once players got into it, and that was because there simply weren't enough players to populate the world. Because there were separate servers for Ouya players, they couldn’t even benefit from the population boost available from other platforms’ players.

Had all the servers been combined perhaps it would have solved the spare population problem along with a few others (including moving your game cross-platform), but unfortunately for many who eagerly entered the world of Order & Chaos on the Ouya, it just wasn’t the world they wanted.

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