8 Exact Moments You Knew You'd Bought The Wrong Game

7. Encountering A Total Gameplay Shift - Brutal Legend

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Double Fine

Needless to say, if you’re mid-way into playing a game and then all of a sudden the gameplay experience flips on its head, you may be left feeling a little out of your depth - nay, you may feel like you’re playing the wrong game altogether.

What you’re led to believe is your standard third person hack n' slasher suddenly changes completely, and I’m not talking about the rhythm game-like mini-games that come with spellcasting, but instead when whole missions shift into the style of a real time strategy game.

The game's marketing had sold it as far more action-based than it really was, with EA to thank for what some people would call 'misleading' marketing. Not only was the game not as action-heavy as players expected, but they had to adjust to certain parts being an entirely different genre.

Ultimately though many would argue the inclusion of these different elements kept the game interesting, even though it was jarring on your first run-in. Once you wrapped your head around things it was probably a better experience for it.

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